About us

Founded more than a decade ago in 2002 with headquarters in the heart of Beirut city - Lebanon, and with more than 30 years of expertise in delivering comprehensive business travel management solutions to governmental and nongovernmental corporations as well as individuals and entities alike; Worldwide Travel & Tourism S.A.L. has amazingly pursued its vision and now is undertaking to keep and boost its services and facilities for all the elites out there to enjoy the best of traveling management solutions and experiences yet.

Our professional and dedicated team of experts works around the clock to offer you superior travel management solutions and ensure that you travel your life time vacations and most successful of business trips and worldwide events with ultimate of safety and pleasure.

Whether for business or for leisure, our comprehensive business travel management solutions center is constantly updated with the latest of traveling trends and news to provide you with best destinations in terms of shortest routes, best stay, and greatest of traveling services, all that and more with the best prices you can get, thanks to our network of partnership agreements with global international key Hotels and crucial international travel companies and agents.

To be your “one and only” devoted leading travel and events management center who is uniquely dedicated to provide you with top notch corporate as well as individual travel management solutions from Lebanon and to the rest of the world.

New World… New Prospects

Our Philosophy & Values

 Worldwide Travel & Tourism has by far explored the best of what is there in the world to visit; exotic places around the globe and special touristic attractions all around the world continents.  We have gone all the places with you to serve you the very best.

From underneath the blue sky and across the blue oceans, to the green lands and the yellow sands… All the colorful images of the natural world are now representing the shades of our logo which implies as the story goes, the key values we share with the world: Longevity, Wellbeing, Honesty, and Fidelity.

The story goes back to the Japanese legend “How to Fold 1000 Cranes” referring to the Origami Crane which reflects the elegance of the Crane; an elegant and naturally clean bird who mates with only one partner for the duration of its life and whose presence represents a dignified status of nobility enabling it to be the most worthy of serving as a messenger to the ancient immortals according to Asian ancient legends. The inspirational story of Sadako Sasaki, the Japanese girl who strived to fold 1000 cranes has ever since been an evidence to the continuing power of the paper crane as a symbol for hope, love, honor, and peace.

It was indeed the philosophy we have envisioned at Worldwide Travel & Tourism while surfing the world with its never ending possibilities and prospects. Our special Origami Crane with its unique colors should by now reveal our dedication and keen determination to offer you the best of customer attention values as you are always our most cherished of clientele.

In accordance with our philosophy and values, we strive to maintain our stakeholders’ best interests by applying strict quality criteria and ensuring commitment to ethical corporate behavior; showing simultaneously same sincere commitment toward our employees and customers being our most valuable asset as well as the society in which our business operates.

Corporate social responsibility

We care about one another, our customers and our communities. Our commitment to CSR runs deep—we want to do well with everything we do. We’re working toward…

 A better workplace: Every day, our people bring our creative and personal brand to life. They know their actions count and their views matter. We give them the tools, skills and outlets to build their “confident self,” because our success hinges on theirs.

 A better world: From company initiatives like the Haiti Project to individual good works by employees around the world, we believe actions go far beyond collecting money. Simply put, they express our passion for helping others.

A better business: Our world is ever more connected and transparent. And that places a premium on honest and respectful conduct. Today, how we do what we do determines whether or not we survive and thrive. 

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